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Wild Irish Rose

David Allan Coe

My daddy would not go to work on mornings
He'd been with jack daniel's out all night long
Though daddy never cared too much for dancing
He loved to hear a good ol' country song
And son, he said, I never had much money
And I never had the time for fancy clothes
And I've always been a fool for jim beam whiskey
And I guess I've always loved wild irish rose

Yes daddy was a gambler
My daddy loved the racetrack
What he saw in that God only knows
He loved his wife and children
But he also loved the horses
And I guess he always loved wild irish rose

My daddy always cried the morning after
Mom n him argued for so long
He said, when I do right no one remembers
And for sure no one forgets when I do wrong
But mom she accused my dad of cheating
She swore that she could smell it on his clothes
So finally dad confessed his sins to momma
And he told her all about wild irish rose

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