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Black And Blue Again

Dave Gahan

Paper Monsters

I´m back in the room with the two way door
I don´t know where it is sure been there before
The thoughts in my head I just can´t describe
They´re too insane all outside

All my apologies have been used up
All my words are not enough
I´m asking you on my knees
Look inside me I´m black and blue again
Black and blue again

Do you remember we were such good friends
Now we´re back in the ring fighting again
The taste that´s in my mouth you see
It´s not very nice screaming at you
There´s tears in your eyes

I´m not very nice
You see I´m not very nice
You said I´m not very nice
You know I´m not very nice

Composição: Dave Gahan, Knox Chandler

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