Stories To Tell

Dave Barnes

Let's get to bed early.
Sneak out right before the sunrise,
We don't need all the goodbyes,
We won't be gone for long.

Oh, baby, don't worry,
I hid away a little money.
No we don't need much, honey,
Enough just to get us home.

Let's don't wait til love comes undone.

There?s life to be lived
And stories to tell.
Lessons to learn,
That we don't know yet.
Nothing to lack
Looking back
Knowing that we have lived it well
With stories to tell.

What about California,
La out by the seaside?
Watch the sun turn to moonlight
Then stay up and talk til dawn.

Maybe Carolina,
Hide out up in the mountains.
A week or two, no one?s counting,
Come back before too long.

We won't wait til love comes undone.

The sea and the cities,
The runway lights.
Highway humming,
Staying awake all night.

How all those mountains,
Turned to desert sand.
Let's just disappear,
Come on baby, take my hand.

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