Daryl Hall & John Oates

Miss DJ

Daryl Hall & John Oates

Do It For Love

She plays a superstar
she flies into your world from so far
then she spins the records
she plays the music here
you've got to get with her beat, tonight
ain't no way to fight it

she's got a groove that will make you feel funky
she's got a body you wanna to take home
she licks the lips that you gotta know better
hey miss dj, how do i get you alone?

She knows the leeches here
they spy into her world it's so clear
when the needle's on the record, yeah
she drops the beat one time
the crowd just falls at her feet tonight
and they don't know how to fight it

-repeat chorus-

you're not the only table turnin' tonight
ya know the beat is pumpin' from inside
put down your headphones and come dancing with me
let the vinyl go free

-repeat chorus-

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