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The Least That You Can Do

Darryl Worley

(Darryl Worley/Walt Aldridge)

If it's really over and there's nothing I can say
I'll do my best to hide the pain and turn and walk away
But do me one last favor and pretend you're hurting too
After all we've been through it's the least that you can do

I don't know any reason we should let the whole town know
Which one of us came up with this plan for letting go
Try to leave me just a little pride to get me through
After all I gave you it's the least that you can do

When you run into our old friends
Could you ask them how I've been
And maybe even muster up a teardrop now and then
And if they ask you how you're doing
What's it really gonna hurt
To tell a little lie and do your best to look your worst

Keep my old love letters in the closet down the hall
And leave at least one picture of me somewhere on the wall
Could you do your best impression of a sentimental fool
After all it seems like it's the least that you can do

I know it won't be long till someone else is loving you
And waking up in your arms just the way I used to
Promise me at least one time you'll call him by my name
When I'm with somebody new I'll try to do the same

If someone ever asks you why we went our seperate ways
We were just too much in love might be the thing to say
Or maybe you could tell them I was just too good for you
After all I gave you it's the least that you can do

If the shoe were on the other foot I'd do the same for you

Compositor: Darryl Worley/Walt Aldridge

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