The New Build

Dark Tranquillity


What you enforce
Once stronger than logical
Beyond the focus
With the grander ideas
One microcosmos
In this wretched piece of hell
Distant memories of what empathy we felt

No revolution
No revolution
In what they must overthrow
It's not a secret we have known
The need that is our enemy

I don't ever want to see you
Doing all the same things as me
Don't ever let this be you
Knowing what it is that drives me!

It's all in the future
What's said with one foot in the grave
It's all in the plan
Well what we never could achieve

No satisfaction - no satisfaction
We excuse ourselves from progress
By those wondering the motives
Our story said too much

Whatever beat that drives the impulse
Whatever tune that carries through
What fierce soul that rattles empty
It's one reality too few

Were we just never wider
Another drop of what we grasp?

Oh a vicious curse
What law that we forsake inside
A conflict
And the one against the wiser
None the wiser

Our space invaded!

Selfish, they begin to cover
The sentences of utopia
One to escape the arguments
Put another filter on


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