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Who's Calling

Darin Zanyar

Who's calling
When I woke up this morning it all came back to me
yeah yeah
I said to myself that I never should have done you like that ooh
'cause now you're turning away and making a big mistake
god I really wanna see your face
never thought that I would feel this way
come on

Who's calling
I wonder if you love me now (who's calling)
Who's calling
I never should have done you like that (who's calling)
Who's calling
pick up the phone and wish that you want me back (who's calling)
Who's calling, who's calling, who's calling yeah yeah yeah yeah

All the love that we had were did that go
how could you love me even if I didn't know
I just wanna be with my baby
I just wanna love and the love is for real
Why can't you see that I grew out of it
I didn't know 'cause I didn't feel a thing
And when you left me
that's when I took some time and realised

Who's calling
I wonder if...

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