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I'm Going Crazy

Darin Zanyar

I'm going crazy

I'm going crazy, crazy yeah
(i go, i go) crazy, crazy

If you want me there, come and make me fear
everthing about your love, with me
your arms around me now, your lips are ****? me
it's like the devil's near

she fills me upin her arms, and holds me tight 'til dawn
and save your prayers 'cause she promised no more love affairs
(no more love affairs)

I'm going crazy, crazy you know you are the one
that makes me crazy
it took some time but i'm finally done
if love makes you blind, then what's hiding there behind
(i'm going, i'm going) crazy, crazy

please take me away, i'm falling in love
and my deepest fear, my deepest fear
is like she got my eyes, she knows we're breaking lives
and i don't know how, no i don't know how
she fills me up in her arms, she holds me tight 'til dawn

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