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The Startling Facts

Daniel Johnston

In a series of events that led up
To the startling facts
Are coming back to haunt me

My friend Dale the young preacher told me
That he grandfather had died
And he wanted me to go
To the funeral with him, so I did

Not thinking that she would be there
The girl that I loved,
That was to wed the undertaker

So when we got there
I was surprised to see her

And there was Dale's dead grandfather
And there stood Laurie
Hanging coats for the guests
She looked so beautiful

I walked up to her and shook her hand
And I said Hi how are you

At the graveside services during the prayer
I looked up to look at her
And the undertaker popped me the finger

I never will forget
Such a striking predicament
The feeling of it
The body in the casket

The series of events that led up to it
The startling facts
Are coming back to me

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