Daniel Johnston


Daniel Johnston – “Fear Yourself” 2003

G C D / C G D

If you think your thoughts so rationally

Then you might just see it’s not so funny

Prey tell.

The wishing well will get you eventually.


What you are is what you’re doing there.

Love is lingering with you on it’s mind

And it’s giving you a moment so kind


Your broken heart could heal so dramatically

And with a little luck

You could see a better way again real soon

As we stare into each other’s eyes

And each year just goes so fast and goodbye

Look around

What your friends are telling you so free

Be gone

It’s all over as the sun does set once more

If you think that love has a chance with you

Maybe hope can shine a light so true

Just smile

You can win the victory so sweet

And know

It’s just another day for you and me

And tomorrow – no more sorrow

You can all her - if you want to

There’s a new way – why won’t you try it

Heaven sent it and you’ll believe it now

Love can save you now

Love can save you now

Love can save you now

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