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My Baby Cares For The Dead

Daniel Johnston

My baby cares for the dead, I said:
Come join the living baby, the bright sunshine
and it's so great to be alive and have a good time
but my baby hung around the dead
making money acting friendly with the funeral family
and she was wed

My baby married a rich man mama, what can I do?
she cares for the dead now mama, she'll care for you
and my baby had a baby, not by me, but by him
her lover who cares for the dead
and that birth meant the death of our love

I know someday my baby will care for me
she'll [bleed?] and dress me mama, real fancy
and she'll lay me in a coffin
comb my hair, put marbles in my eyes, ey-eye

I know someday my baby will care for me (x6)
my baby cares for the dead

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