Mountain Top (cifrada)

Daniel Johnston

Mountain Top - (Daniel Johnston, Fear Yourself - 2003) G C A7 D / D A7 C G On top of a mountain top I stoop and thought one day I could really see a lot And if I had my way G C A7 D A lazy young sod I was So deep in love those days As if there was nothing was But only love I crave D A7 C C And so I didn't know as much Her loving touch amazed I was so gone with love The alphabet was a haze G C A7 D So alone as she pulls away The funeral truck I cried I gazed the clouds disappear Like a Lost Christmas that day D A7 C C And now I can't seem to cope But only hope - it be okay Just to see her again and we could be friends like way back when G C A D It's as if I'm already dead And in my grave I lay If only her love could save D A7 C G me now And if some how she'd stay

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