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Love Forever

Daniel Johnston

She's sleeping around, running all over town
She's doubting it so, she can't even smile
She's thinking about, she don't even know
She's hating it so, I can't let her go
She's walking away, I cherish the day
We were together, fair was the weather
We were running so fast, there was really no past
I‘m thinking about our yesterday
We were the best for each other
We were in love forever
I haven't grown up, it's been 15 years
I haven't spoken to her for so long
We had it all before we took a fall
We really have love, though it's all gone away
There's nothing to say there's nothing to do
There's nowhere to go, there's nothing to show
There's nothing to know, it's all been said
Our love is dead
Our love is dead
It's over for our love so true
We were in love forever
Though now it's the end, I'm calling her friend
There's nothing left of what we were
She's thinking about, I'm always left out
Nothing really matters much to me
I remember her best, I'm wishing her well
Her private hell is... more or less...
I'm weaving a spell, perhaps she'll get better
And she'll be alright, she'll be alright
We were so happy together
We always thought love was forever

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