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Frustrated Artist

Daniel Johnston

Frustrated artist are you afraid of your own reflection?
It’s only you.
Like I said when your dead you’ll be gone it won’t take long.
Till you’re through

You can’t win trying it begins with a sperm
Your past lives behind you

To start a new a man must be born again so it was said
And it could happen to you

No matter what you do no matter who you are it’s always you
It’s true
It’s up to you

And at the end of every day you may remember the good times
Your living for today

And there you are a star living your life like never before
You made the big time at last

Now death awaits for you so patiently frustrated artist
From the past

Everyone should do art
Everyone should be an artist
Express yourself

And every poet that ever was down thru the ages as they sang
And they told me love was the best

And we all live on
Waiting the sun to come
And we all live on
Trying to get the job done
Throughout eternity

It’s always you and me
And we all live on
On and on.

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