When I Go

Dan Torres

Bring It Around

Could you be the one for me
Standing by me all this time
I ain't sure I believe it
But something just tells me I'm right

Know that I really shouldn't stay
But I just can't walk away
Even though you can't be mine
I think about you all the time

When I go
I leave my heart in your hands
So take good care
Cos it ain't safe with me
I can't take the pain
Of loving you so
But I just can't let you go
No I just can't let you go

Can't you see it's hard for me
To play along like I'm okay
Were we made for each other
Or will we let love slip away

What if I never find a love like you
What will I do (when I)
Wanna feel your hand in mine (and I)
Need to look into your eyes

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