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Little Darling

Dan Torres

Bring It Around

Little darling rest your weary head
Lock the world out, lie here on my bed
And watch the sunset slowly turn to red

Little darling close your tired eyes
Drop your shoulders and leave it all behind
Let me hold you, stay with me tonight

Cos I need to feel your body close to me
And ride out into a sea of ecstasy
So take me anywhere you want me, I don't mind
Little darling, just let me stay by your side

Little darling still my beating heart
Promise me we'll never be apart
And when it's over take me to the start

Until the daylight comes to call
And we have to say goodbye
Let every minute last a lifetime
Cos I don't ever want to leave
I want to stay here loving you
Yes I do

Compositor: Dan Torres / Liah

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