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Keep The Peace

Dan Torres

Bring It Around

You can have it all, it's alright by me
I don't wanna waste my time, I got some place to be
I'm not a fighting man, I do the best I can
To keep the peace

You can have it all, I really don't wanna thing
I got all that I need, if I got my song to sing
I'm gonna find a way to keep smiling everyday
Can't you see that I

I gotta keep moving
Living and learning
I gotta job to do
You can keep waiting
See the world turning
But he'll never wait for you

You can have it all, I told you I didn't care
I could leave it all behind, it really ain't mine to share
I got what you can't buy, I'm on a constant high
Can't you see that I

I had to let it go, all the way
It took a little time but now I'm here
I got a second chance that made me see
I finally found a way to be free

Compositor: Dan Torres / Nani Palmeira

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