I Want Love

Dan Torres

Bring It Around

It wasn't love that I was looking for
I just wanted to be free
I could go where I wanted to go
And I didn't have to let nobody know cos I
Had no chains on me

But then lightning struck out of the blue
And when I came around I was looking at you
And I thought that I'd gone crazy
I'd lost control of myself
And I couldn't look at nobody else
And I wanted to call you baby and now

I want love
I really do
Gotta be real, gotta be true
Gotta look, gotta walk gotta talk like you
I want love

I really tried to walk away
Forgetting about you
I don't know why but I keep coming back
And there ain't nothing I can do

Cos it's taken a hold, getting to me and now
And now I'm beginning to see that there ain't
Ain't no point in trying to hide
Cos it's too late the damage is done
So I'll sit back and enjoy the fun cos I know
No-one's gonna stop the ride

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