Got To Live

Dan Torres

Dan Torres

Think of your last day
And what goes through your mind
What you take with you
Or what you leave behind
What if you go to sleep tonight
And tomorrow never comes
Would you look back upon your life
And be happy with what you´d done

I don't think I would
Cos I always want a little more
Don't let you life pass you by

Got to live, got to love
Tell me why are you waiting
Make a change, do it now
Tell me why are you waiting
Take a wrong, make it right
Tell somebody I love you
Go to sleep, every night
Know someone's thinking of you

The world keeps on turning
And days just disappear
We take for granted
That time has left us here
She had a fight with one she loved
And she let it drag on
I'll call him tomorrow's what she said
But by that night he was gone

Don't it make you think
How precious time can be
Don't let you life pass you by

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