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Bring It Around

Dan Torres

Bring It Around

The clock don't stop, it keeps ticking and
Every second passed is a second lost
And you ain't got time to wait
Stop thinking bout it, gotta do it now cause it's getting late

And the world don't stop for no-one
It just keeps on spinning around
Waiting for you to make your move
So tell me what you?re gonna do

If you got it all worked out, you're nailin it down, walkin down easy
Taking it all in your stride
I think you'll find, it's gonna be alright
But if you're getting all off track, you gotta get back
Bring it around again, my friend, my friend, my friend

I've been way down, on my knees
I've seen the writing on the wall
And I've found that they can knock me down
Still I keep on coming 'round
Maybe that's why I met you
To show you out, don't let it get you

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