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Waiting For Me

Da Buzz

I can´t take it no more
I´ve been down on the floor
Standing on my knees
Where did you go
I will go my own way
There´s no reason to stay
I will find my strength
And smile again

I can feel it
And I can see it
It´s not so hard at all to make a change
Oh I can touch it
And I can taste it
I´m moving up again

I´m not loosing the race
Cause I´m going to take the chance
There´s a life out there waiting for me
I will run for the thrill
And I know I´m gonna win
There´s a life out there waiting for me
Waiting for me….

I don´t listen to you
And the things that you do
I just go my own way and find the key
Dancing all trough the night
And I feel so right I wanna go to the edge and be alive

I can feel it……

I`m not loosing……

Then you called my name,
Then you looked in my eyes
Then you told me how much you cared for me
But I know it´s to late,
I´ve been loosing my faith
And I said goodbye……

I don´t love…..

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