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I Love You

Da Buzz

I put on the light
As you opened your eyes
Then I gave you a kiss
I´ve been waiting forever
For this to come true
Now I know that you´r burning
Inside my heart

The world is to small
To express how I feel
You can allways be shure
I will be there to hold you
And night after night
We make the sweatest love
Cause we are one

I´ll tell my secrets for you
I´ll give you all that I have
Please don´t tell me we´re through
Cause I need you so bad
In everyway I can give I want to save it for you
I want you closer than everything
I love you… I love you

No matter what I said
No matter what I did
I will do what I can
To proove that I´m worthy
You are my god
Without you I´m falling In misery

The world….

How can I say
I wanna be with you until the end of time When you are near
There is one thing that I want you to hear I love you……

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