Da Buzz

You came through the door
You came through it all
One step further and
I will loose it all
Everything you said
Everything was so right

I was in your eyes
You were in my mind
When you took my hand
And we start to dance
I just can´t believe
That it´s you and me now

I´m alive, for the first time in my life
I just know that I´m alive
I wanna dance the night away
I´m alive, I allways be there by your side I just know that I´m alive
This is the feeling of my life, I´m alive

In reality
Your my fantasy
I just can´t belive
This is happening
Cross my fingers and
I can see that it´s true

I was in your eyes......

I´m alive!....

And I want to, cause I need you
I just got to be beside you
Oh you really make my dreams come true...

I´m alive!...

Compositor: Annika Thörnquist, Per Lidén And Pier Schmid

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