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The Bitter End


When the bitter end arrives, will we be at war or sadly, madly in love?
Will we beg for one more night?
Or will we have our bags packed and waiting at the door?
When the bitter end arrives, will it be a finish line or a starting gate?
Brass and pearl, or maggots and dirt?
Bittersweet, or our just desserts?

When you didn't answer your phone I knew there was something wrong
You'd been a wreck all week
When it's unbearable, the more unavailable the world can often seem

When the bitter end arrives, will we be exhausted or will we toss and turn?
Will we claw out our eyes?
Or will we simply close them and let the sleep seep in?

When your bitter end arrived you could've at least chicken-scratched some clichéd note:
"On the razor's edge," "at the end of your rope"
"The bitter pills you just had to swallow"

When you didn't answer your phone, suddenly the last time we spoke was the last time we spoke
What would I have said if I knew just how desperate the situation was?

But I know that I knew - such overstated clues
You stopped eating, kept drinking, stopped showing up for work
When you're alone, do you utter dying words?

Why'd the bitter end have to come for you?
So sad, so soon
When your bitter end came around, did you wonder how your sentence would sound?
An exclamation or a question mark?!

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