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Rise Up! Rise Up!


So preacher, thanks making time for me today,
I hope you dont mind if i hide behind the curtain.
It's been fifteen years since my last confession.
By your good books standards, i sin like a champion,
But that book seems a tad bit outdated.
Please forgive me for questioning divinity,
It's a ugly job but i think i'm up for it.
I'm not saying who's right,
I'm just saying there's more than one way to skin a religion.
There's more than one way to explain our existence.
Reverend so i dont want to seem irreverent,
My teenage angst is far behind me.
But father it certainly it's troubling to see
All these people kneeling instead of dealing with the fact
That we're all that we have.
So rise up, rise up!
There's no one to worship but plenty of life to lose
I'm not saying let's burn down the church
Do you wanna hear my confession?
It's my greatest sin.
ok, here it is...
I wasted half of my life on thought that I'd live forever
I wasn't raised to seize the day,
But to work and worship because he that liveth and believeth
Supposedly never dies.
Rise up, rise up!
Live a full life.
'Cause when it's over, it's done!
So rise up, rise up!
Dance and scream and love.

You're not the chosen one,
And i'm not the chosen one.

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