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Into The Fold


cant say I’ve always been honest
You cant say I’ve done a disservice girl
She’s just a child, shes got a lot to learn
But I’m helpin’ out
Your deceit is under your wing you wont let her go
You know its not appropriate
Into the fold (x2)
With all that hem and porcelin
You swear its more than mere lust
Into the fold (x2)
Does she know what you do
The pristine routine to fool the rube
The gentle gentleman the roll of the ??
Ya think you changed your ways
But we know, yeah we know
Cant you quell this need for sub missives
Oh, such lovely girls to lead each tender little ??
Into the fold (x2)
And you my pet, the sweetest yet
I’ll hold you closest to my heart
Into the fold (x 5)
He was in the student union
Studying for an English
Cause he came up and asked directions
To the new event of alien
She was young

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