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She Is Dead And All Fall Down

Current 93

Since disappointment and despair
The vainness of al hopes declare
Since toss'd upon this restless main
I strive 'gainst wind and waves in vain
The more I struggle for the shore
Misfortunes overwhelm the more
Then since I struggle to maintain
And strive alas to live in vain
I'll hope no more--since prov'd and tried
The feeble light she once supplied
Resembled but a taper's ray
That only burns to die away
And leave one lost in endless night
(My follies but exposed to sight)
Then come misfortunes as you will
Oppressions sink we lower still
Haste keen despair and urge my doom
And all that haunt the wretched come
Fate from my heart all fears expunge
I stand resolv'd to take the plunge
Oh thou great Being who resides
Far above where yon ether glides
Whose power almighty piercing eye
Marks all on earth in air and sky
Who oft (such care we ought to praise)
This sand-grain call'd a world surveys
Nor deems unworthy of thy care
Vain men as worthless as we are
Wh ooft with liberal hands bestows
Thy guiding mercy here below
And while our sins so multiply
Like mountains heap'd before thee lie
So loath - so tempted to chastize
And then to bless us in disguise
To disappoint our restless schemes
Our airy hopes and foolish dreams
Is but to prove the empty shew
Or painting happiness below
Oh thou that hears the wretched call
Thou universal friend to all...

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