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Passing Horses

Current 93

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha
Nothing rests on the mirror
Nothing to rest
Nowhere to rest
Clouds do not obscure
Passing horses
White snow melting
Snowflakes falling
Turn back into air
The end is painless
Already full we are
Although empty
Passing horses
White horses ripple
Throughh the blue sky
\"Who would have thought
A dewdrop would last so long\"
He said
\"Your end which is endless\"
He said
\"As a snowflake melts
Into air\"
He said
Trust yourselves
Your cup is full
Passing horses
Shining hooves
Emptiness is moving
And dancing
And crystal-faced
\"A net of fireflies\"
Freedom itself
And motion itself
And suffering itself
And pain itself
And laughing itself
And shot through
With nothing
No one hearing
\"And the foam on the last water
Has dissolved\" he said
\"I lean against the stove
And emptiness - lo! eternity\"
He said
And where are they now
These passing horses?
In which wood
In which star
In which stream
\"Alone into the alone\"
She said
Not realising
Oh how alone
She already was
Dancing in between
The worlds
The swallow dips
The eagle hovers

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