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    I don't think motherfuckers understand
    It's like this

    Drama free don't speak to me (hell nah)
    whatchu know about Ebt?
    I came from nothing no Ged, now I got a article on Mtv
    (I do)
    Draw the line like yellow tape
    Blowing up like overweight
    That money talk that money talk
    Like anything that Oprah say (that money!)
    One second they T'd talking
    Come across em they speed walking
    Yeah the trigger, I squeeze off it
    This the reason why we need coffins
    Make it where you can't see straight
    Known for the hands like a Dj (wassup?)
    I'm only near if my money there or aw shit I'm a be late
    Pull up with the guys, catch a nigga by surprise
    Bet yo ass won't survive, I ain't letting shit slide
    Choke a nigga with his tie, then I tell him "nice try"
    When I'm up to something I cause corruption
    Get my hands dirty like construction
    One bullet blow that nigga brains out
    Make it where that nigga can't function (buh!)
    We can meet inside no Ravioli
    Waste time, rock him with the Rolly
    Then the shotgun get rid of you
    I'll stick it on you like Gorilla Glue (you know it)
    Fuck out my face tryna bargain
    It was days I was out here I was starving
    I'm swinging and bringing gorillas & killers
    To charge in like I'm Tarzan
    I'm a get it if I want it, Cpd know me bitch I'm wanted
    (I'm wanted)
    Fuck around, 'bout to get yo dough scammed
    Y'all bitches slower than slow jams
    House big like a factory, cannot keep track of me
    Niggas came after me, I took they salary
    Pull out the chopper then test out the acc'racy
    Save yo memorial pic to my gallery
    Wonder why they don't see me hardly
    Getting more cheese than a pizza party
    Damn, I missed your event? I'm sorry
    I'm just out being that B like Cardi (bitch)
    Thot hoes really need to die hard
    Side bitches love to wear side parts
    That's they logo and they motto
    I then add that all up like a total
    I'm so fucking ahead of the game
    There's not one bitch that do it the same
    Locking the safe then I'm back on a plane
    If he come with baggage, then I cannot claim
    Please stay the fuck away from me, gotta pay for me
    Wanna see me on the show? Have 10k for me
    Or, oh well, that's the end of that
    I can make that shit up off the Internet
    Spin around the block, waiting on a drop
    Replace the bullets like outta stock
    Let me see a opp, he gone need a doc
    Cause I'm poking niggas, no polka dots
    All I know is how to grip Glocks
    Walk over niggas up in flip flops
    I'm a get this money till old age
    Make bitches madder than road rage
    I'm juiced and I'm saucing
    Don't clock in cause I'm bossing
    Even crossing guards can't cross me
    Bitch better wait 'til I'm crossing
    Or it's gonna fuck around and be a issue
    Like yo mama crying with the tissue
    She got one time to say she miss you
    And I'm a send that lil bitch with you

    Tarzan, Tarzan (Woo)
    Tarzan, Tarzan (Woo)
    Tarzan, Tarzan (Woo)
    Tarzan, Tarzan
    Swinging and bringing gorillas & killers
    To charge in like I'm Tarzan
    I'm swinging and bringing gorillas & killers
    To charge in like I'm Tarzan!

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