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Sweet n Low



Glad you notice more than my hips & thighs
Giving me that look gets my hypnotized
Me and you making more noise than a band
Bitches only wanna see us get darker like a tan
But it won't happen no no no
I'm in love but not with the coco
Your old bitch looking so damn shocked
She should've known you was gone
You called it shorty doo-bop
That shit right there is just terrible
Baby your shirts are so wearable
Love waking up to you and my morning coffee
Sex like last night leaves the mornings salty
Still feel like the first day we met
Still curvin' all the hoes that you text
Still tell me I'm gorgeous when I'm looking a mess
Still wear me close to yo heart just like a vest
Always yay, never nay, making my day
Yeah thats bae fuck him on the lay dreads longer than Sway
Yank him like lets play roleplay like
"Hey, can you tell me yo name? "

[Hook] (x3)
Baby you sweeter than sweet & low
Baby you sweet, baby you sweet
Baby you sweeter than sweet & low
Love to brag about you to my hoes, hoes, hoes

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