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    Times changed was dealing with so much pain
    But at the same time it's alot that I overcame
    Went from hungry last year now dressing in cashmeres
    It's just a bag I won't brag
    cause I struggled the past years
    I had a empty fridge would eat me a stale bagel
    Thanksgiving Day with only me at the table
    No friends or family, demons surrounding me
    Sometimes I had thoughts of jumping off the balcony
    But um, I kept chewing on Doublemint bubblegum
    Leftovers in my stomach more like pieces of crumbs
    Around the wrong crowd they telling me "hit the blunt"
    My father don't want me like we don't want Donald Trump
    I was tryna keep it cool for my mammy
    Them long lines standing in that food pantry
    Wasn't a joke, losing my hope
    Got bags under my eyes looking like a wrinkled tote
    It was no sleep at all pissed in the bushes, no stalls
    Found a home
    then we was gone then more leaves than fall
    On my mama this shit was trauma
    Ain't have a solid number so how could we see a comma?
    While I was sleep it was rats running over my mom feet
    Just so she could work to get us something to eat
    Lets get deep, I'm hurting as I speak
    When life paid you dust just get a broom and sweep
    At 11 who you telling everything was hand me downs
    Jumped and stomped by 20 people
    while others stand around
    Nobody helped, everyday I felt invisible
    School so grimy the principal don't even got principles
    Once I turned 12 it was all hell
    Roaming the streets looking for D
    when I couldn't even spell
    Fighting demons with a poker face like everything swell
    Let's fast forward let me show you how my life has failed
    Remember them nights with no lights or gas?
    Washing up at the sink tryna clean my ass with cold water
    My entire body was freezing best believe it
    Jesus put me here for a reason
    15, fucking on a man that's 35 good in the beginning
    Then ate my soul alive fooled myself thinking its love
    The way he layed with me
    But all we ever did was fuck and went to Kfc
    It's sad, I degraded myself hated myself
    All this because I wasn't raised with a belt
    I know mama I hurt you staying out pass curfew
    You deserve to sit back but I overworked you
    Remember when my music got 11 plays?
    Mama we here now these the better days
    So I'll be damned if I let a nigga take it away
    They body dropping in a instant like they break & escape
    Never going back to them old days
    of seeing them low plays
    So I entertain these niggas like I'm giving them roleplay
    The greatest things
    comes to the ones that waited gotta be patient
    It's about organization all my albums
    got my wallet on Fat Albert
    I donate to the shelters money, toys, and flowers
    We was in it more than hours the feeling was sour
    300 people in one household using the same shower
    People got some fucking nerve
    to be mad that they rent due
    When people out here on the curb
    with covers and ripped shoes
    The homeless be the ones with good hearts I feel bad
    Cause they put everyone first by giving away they last
    Think about it!

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