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Reality (Part 3)



This is only three-fourths of my issues
I ran through three rolls of Scott tissues
In a matter of minutes tryna wipe the tears away
Don't want to be bothered today
so you ain't gotta say hey
Fuck yo impression of me so much aggression in me
While bitches walking round like this a beauty pageant
I was arrested at 14 shoplifting, ain't have shit
Yo lets talk about the fucking hard life I had
Yall grew up in Nikes, white tees, and hell of Chanel bags
You should be glad you got a night pad
I couldn't afford a pad to put on my ass
So I was using my face rag
Yo lets talk about the fucking hard life I had
I'm out here taking jabs yall out here doing the dab
I'm hoping one day in life
my father would take the tab for once
Haven't saw this nigga in months
Cause he out here fucking 17 year old's in the butts
What the fuck my nigga you so disgust
Bitch ass nigga you need some blush
for making my tears flush
My own bro told me I couldn't rap but look now
Now I need to know which way to go for the next show
All the way across the map
"You just a lil black bitch who'll never be shit"
Remember that's what you told me?
But I am not buying that shit that's not what you sold me
And the way you beat my ass from one wall to the next
Really makes me question yo sex
and did you do that to yo ex?
Or just that one moment
you wanted to feel stronger than Trex
Let me know, cause what if yo daughter grow up a hoe?
Would you burn her with boiling hot water on the stove?
Or beat her like Kunta Kinte
cause shes blacker than most?
You know what?
That ass whooping was the best of my life
I'm feeling sorry for the lady you ever call wife
Cause I got a funny taste in my mouth
Like peanut butter on rice
That I'm a catch you slipping one day
and I ain't talking no ice
And it won't be nice its gone get real ugly
You post to be the brother who love me and hug me
Not the one who picks me up by my neck
strangle me and shoves me
I know you think I don't matter
But as a individual
there's something special about me
that stands out in circles like the donut wrapper
I'm a give you one second
to count your blessings that you not in jail
living in this house with you
is so damn reckless it feel like hell
But I'm off it, keep calm
Hey Mom you really deserve every penny I make
When I look at you I see my mother and father
let's call that a double take, you are so fucking great
You my superhero
you carry so much weight on your back
you ain't even got room for a cape
You the only one who give me hope a
nd this the realist shit I ever wrote
Part four coming soon

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