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    Yeah, so I'm back for a part two and I just wanna say
    Please do not fucking judge me or matter fact
    Fuck you if you judge me I think that's better

    So listen, I say people barely eating
    so I thank God for this bite
    No light food or gas but yeah I thank God for them nights
    I always knew wrong from right but I never chose the right
    Cause God gave my father all the good shit up in life
    Cause man that nigga never helped my mama with shit
    Wanted a boy but got a girl so told my mama "kick bricks"
    But speaking of bricks
    I wish I had a fucking brick to bust this nigga head
    until he dead for treating me like shit
    But that ain't the case the case is why I chase
    I chase my father down wondering why I'm such a disgrace
    Man that's crazy and all these niggas tryna fuck
    And girls like jell as fuck
    cause he took me out to dinner
    and spent a couple of bucks
    But I could give a fuck about a nigga and his bucks
    Don't need no drug dealer come talk to me in a tux
    One week later want a quickie hold up nigga
    whats the rush?
    Niggas want a stupid bitch to walk over and keep it hush
    Well I ain't that bitch
    So next topic, people getting toxic
    I try to stay up in the house like a motherfucking hostage
    Cause I don't want no drama grew up just wanting commas
    Counting a hundred pennies
    tryna get a dollar burger for my mama
    But the grind stayed strong mama ain't on her own
    I plan to take us from the hood to a made haven throne
    See mama all I got brothers don't give a crap
    If I got shot up on the block
    they'd probably raise they hands and clap
    Cause they think I'm real sluttish
    cause I do not dress thuggish
    I wear that tight shit to keep these bitches mean mugging
    So my bros think I'm a hoe fuck for money on the low
    When 9 out of 10 a nigga wanna fuck it's "no"
    I got standards wanted to be a dancer
    13 years old praying for people who got cancer
    But they don't see that shit but in my spirit I'm rich
    Ladies time to walk away from niggas
    who calling you a bitch
    Cause we deserve the best I put that on my chest
    So worried where he been at its leaving you with no rest
    It's just a bunch of stress
    But it's time for a change not booksmart but got brain
    To tell my story once again part three full of pain
    Coming soon

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