Ain't it odd everybody want a fucking picture now?
Ain't it odd when I catch you, always catch you in a lie?
Ain't it odd thug niggas sweeter than pumpkin pie?
Ain't it odd that yo fucking jaw ain't broken right now?
Ain't it odd? Ain't it odd? Ain't it odd?
Nigga you a fraud

[Verse 1]
I'm like "Where yo jewelry from"? I wanna cop those
He over east these diamonds cost loads
Ain't it odd I was finna get him robbed?
But it came out the beauty supply at Cosmos?
Let me call a cab if it ain't about cash
My music get a lot of bumps now I'm a rash
Any bitch talk stupid like Stacey Dash
Gone need candles by they body like a romantic bath
One wrong move you a dead nigga
I ain't bearing with you no Ted nigga
I'm in the gun shop for a extra large
To leave a bitch leaking like some discharge
Pay my money fast now to my Paypal
Like stepping in the Chinese store they "pay now"
You call it cocky I just call it bitch you proud
They see my scale went up they acting fishy now

[Verse 2]
Lil bitch check it out, no doctor got hella hits no boxer
Yo favorite artist on the Freshman cover
I could put him in a headlocker
Once I tell my homies that its going off
They make yo body roll like a bowling ball
Bullshit online I'm a driveby
Remove you off the Internet for good
even if you on the Wifi
I ain't talking no bluffery, niggas not touching me
I like to keep the convo shorter than a summary
I'm out here on the grind for that instant guapo
You out here on the grind for a Insta follow
We cut so different we can't even think the same
Couple warrants for my arrest
so I'm hiding behind the bangs
I'm David from the Bible known for that good aim
I bet money that yo money shorter than the name James


Compositor: PK Beatz

Letra enviada por Ash VNC

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