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Cool Fuck



We got the freedom
Let's have a threesome
Don't get torn into porn cause you don't need em
Take yo time ain't no rushing
On the dick playing 21 questions
Like how do I feel on yo dick?
How do it feel when I lick
All on that cock do I get it on rock?
Can you sit yo ass down and let me finish on top?
It's not a sin its a blessing
You taught me my lesson
You ate all of my pussy and then you ask me for seconds
Wanna learn some shit just take classes
So cool with the shit I suck dick with sunglasses
Oh boy
Why play with dildos when you got a boy toy
You ain't gotta lie Craig I know you feeling this
Cause you got my legs twisted like some licorice
Lets go!

Compositor: Trudabeats

Letra enviada por Ash VNC

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