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Cape Coast To Ja


In Jamaica we call it dungee
But the British man him call it dungeon
That them sanction.
If you saw what took place in Cape Coast dungeon (West
If you saw what took place down in the dungeon
Man blood clot up thick. Down in this dungeon
Blackman blood turn up thick. Down in this dungeon
I can see the sign of torture down in this dungeon (I
smell blood)
You can smell the smell of stale blood down in th
Nowhere to turn, yet so much in there.
Nowhere to sit down. I must be standing (No chair in
Straight after that, the ship was anchor.
They call to a shock away call "man too fit"
And nowadays they dress it up a and they no call it
And nowadays Babylon dress it up a and they no call it
(And me no want no benefit)
Give me equal rights and justice
Me no want no benefit
For it's the old strategy they use, down in the
The same dirty old strategy they use down in the
And as for the woman part of it
If short like a one foot rule
Nobody can stand up. All baby born under dat. (Ya a
hear me man)
Man, know yourself now
They refuse to ask me my name upson the slave shp
Their minds told them to call me nigger and that was
the end of it (A who name so?)
There is no dignity. You don't know my name (You can't
respect I)
It take more intelligency to find out my real name.
But if you see what went down, down in the dungeon
Even in the sea
If you see what went on, on the slave ship
Even on the journey
Man get dead and beaten and them throw him overboard
Woman skin never get to deliver their nine month
Children born under the agony of knife
Father see children and cannot even own their wives
Equal rights and justice stand for all right in the
And yet them rub it off and show me another something
Yet them a polish it from my eyes, show me another
So Mr. Chin, how him want him titty
Indian men want him Hindustani
But them beat our language from you and me
What a slavery! What happen to he, she, you and me
They beat us in slavery
And want us to be quiet under captivity (It can't
gwaan so- You mad?)
Finish it

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