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A Slice Of Mount Zion


A slice of Mount Zion is for I
A slice of Mount Zion is for I
I pray to Jah honesty
To please let me live honestly
Love my brother that's all I need
I need no riches just harmony
I'm willing Jah to lay down
At Zion doorway like a foot mat
Even the saints of Zion
Trod upon my back and enter in
I pray every day to see
The falling of the wicked men
I know that wickedness will prevail
But only for a little while
Cannot got to Zion with your force
Have manners and enter Jah house
You cannot live here with your big gun
All you got to di is help me pray
Let's kneel on our knees and clasp our hands
And say father please help me
Children having children
Poverty upon the door
I've seen white squall
Walking on the street
With man under arrest
Satan is around us like a roaring lion
Seeking Jah children to devour all the days of our lives
Like a hungry eagle
Flying through the sky
Seeking form and soul to devour
But don't let him catch us
Give me strength oh Jah I pray
With thy manna up from Mount Zion
And no one can give satisfaction
But thee alone
Sit up on thy throne and
Pardon our transgression
Stretch forth pity to thy children
In the morning sun
A slice of Mount Zion is for
A slice of Mount Zion belong to
A slice of Mount Zion is for …

Compositor: Joseph Hill

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