Call To Love

Crooked Fingers

Those fancy things your new boy bought you for wont save a jaded girl like you
So I must question what you take me for I know for him youre love is not true

So while you lay with that joker tonight my friend
And his love just aint doing you right again
Wont you hear my heart
Im transmitting a call to love

Its true I heard a birdy say your name
But Im a straight talk woman got no time for games
Dont need my heart kicked around the block no more
You may be smooth talking daddy but Ive heard it all before

So I dont care if youre making that sound
No heart receives love when its broken down
So how am I supposed to hear
Or take heed to this call to love

I found a hundred different ways to say that I am not in love with you
Or maybe more if I was sure but Id be lying not to be your fool

So come on--Love is a fine thing to take a chance on
Send it back before the signal is gone
Oh wont you call to me
Wont you send me your call to love

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