Man's Ruin

Crazy Legs

It happened in Vegas sometime ago
The Casino attracted me like a dog to the bone
I was feeling kind lucky on that night
I was needing so badly the Vegas lights

I went straight to the slot machine
I won some money and got addicted
Played dice and I got more luck
But I was afraid to loose my shirt

Had a great time playing Black Jack
I was excited about my amazing bets
My ruin came up when I knew a girl
She was so charmin’ like Marylin Monroe

She took me to play Roulette
Then we got out to a motel room
I won so much money like no other before
I kept on partying with her all night long

By the morning when I opened my eyes
I swore to God everything was a lie
I saw many bottles all over the room
Lady Lucky done left and stole my money too

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