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10 Notes On a Summer's Day


Touch me with normality
A childhood I never had
I too might have stood aryan
In the seeding grasses
Applauded by the bigots
Who sneer at the sight of me
Age is no comfort
Indeed the options narrow
The prison door is closed
Locked by their prejudice
And my simple desire
To live, in a different way
We cannot conform
Indeed the options narrow

In the academy we sat
Learned, like fools
We read predictability as if it were wisdom
My head bows
I see sunlight glint
Across the wooden panels
"If only we were free. "
Such a timid, whisper against the scratch of pen
Two thousand years these histories have been documented
Equation and formula
Static laws
I turn from my books, volumes lay empty
And so too is the academy
Whatever life there might have been within
Has slipped away, into the sunlight

Petulance is a pretty girl
Dabbling on the river's bank
Alice holds posies
Sensual rosaries
The daisy chain
The daisy chain
Hunger child and lazy brain
Petulance is a pretty girl
Dawdling by the river's bank
She squashes cold matter from the head of a tiny newt
What is that if it is not grey?

Darkness is a game we lazily play
We suck on paradise as we would the peach stone
All is extracted but the life
Childhood dreams cursed with the filthy garbage
Of realization
So clean in imagination
Clear as memory
So clean in imagination
We hide in the gaps as if their use as shitholes was
Unknown to us

Oh how we laughed at awkwardness and inability
Stabs in the back of consciousness
We saw the pigs stranglehold our comrades
And ran sickened from the scene
Some remained to share
Nausea. Nausea
We were invited to the cocktail party
And suffered loathsome toasts
We tasted the melancholy
And the awful empty laugh of the socialize
Get back. Get back
Get back. Get back
Tasteful slants of teacup
Finely pointed fingers
Is this a warning?

And if on my blood you created this free society, what then?
Would your stupid petty prejudice still push you into
Isn't the earth already at peace?
Are not we, as separate personalities, the only
Warning faction?
I suggest togetherness
Proclaiming my love and compassion
Will you make that into commodity
Asset and possession?

We trained in the art of tragedy
Taking sidelines, consumed by its ethic
Consumed, oh consumed
We announced amnesty
Saw ourselves as reflections
Oh my military boy
Swathed in darkness and death
We searched out each others name
In the horrid graveyard
Consumed, oh consumed

If you stop (me) and ask, "what now? Where now? "
Do you really expect an answer?
Is it not simply your own conscience from which you seek
A reply?
I can only say this or that
And hope that we might strike a common chord
Meanwhile we learn more of ourselves
And parts of each other

We ate vanity pancakes
Amused by our self-image
Who'd have thought it possible
That the chimps could brew their own tea?

Those dark shadows move as if guided by some hand
Where the sea beats mercilessly on the shore
There is the security of the land
At the sea's deepest point there is often a strange calm

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