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Taxi Terror


Come on now, let's go for taxi terror!
Come on!

[Verse I:]
Taxi terror, we are terror on your streets
And all the others will taste defeat
We operate under a nice facade
But we are evil and so are our cars!
Now passengers disappear
And the city starts to fear
But you cannot hold us down
As we terrorize your town!

We take you far away
To kill and rape and slay
It happens everyday!
Into the countryside
Somewhere in the night
We play the game of homicide!

[Chorus I:]
Taxi terror - you're trapped under my wheels!
Taxi terror - can you hear his screams?

[Verse II:]
Take a seat and I will close the door
But it is locked, you scream "What for?"
I step on it and drive like hell
Out of town, in panic you now yell (Help!)
And now we have arrived
You will be sacrificed
You will go to hell tonight
We pray to Satan, when you have died

[Repeat Bridge]

[Chorus II:]
Taxi terror - chained in the back seat!
Taxi terror - You soon will be minced meat!

Taxi terror - we are masters of the streets
Taxi terror - trapped under my wheels
Taxi terror - you soon will be minced meat
Taxi terror - this is how it feels!
Taxi terror! Taxi terror! Taxi terror! Taxi terror!

[Repeat Verse I]

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus I]

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