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Satanic Holiday


Flight nr. 666, Gran Satania
Speed metal maniacs, drinking in their seats
Metal music pounding, all are drunk as hell
Alcohol and metal, and bitches on the beach

Bitches on the beach, let's fuck 'em!

Families are fleeing, when we come into town
Playing metal, drinking liquor, gonna thrash you down
Lock up your daughters, cos we are fucking pigs
Dressed in leather, spikes and chains, it's what those bitches dig!
Violence on the beach, we scrare you all away
When we are in the water even sharks dare not to stay
Once peaceful island is now a boiling hell
Puking, fucking, drinking, thrashing every night and day!

Speed metal! Speed metal!
Speed metal! Speed fuckin' metal!

Volcano is erupting, fire in the sky
We laugh and party on, all around us die
We're swimming in the lava, we're surfing on the fire
Speed metal party, we will never tire!

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