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Riders Of Damnation



Emerging from the lower levels
In fire, death and hate
Demonlords on demon horses
Headed for the gate
Speeding through the star-lit sky
Riders of damnation
Tonight we kill all that must die
Satanic devastation

Weeping women, burning lands
Riders of damnation!!

Rushing through the silver morning
The feeble men of God
The morning of the battle dawning
A day baptized in blood
Hordes of Satan, evil spirits
Attack the holy host
The children of God torn to pieces
Angels die in their own feces!!

Evil tyrants rule the world
And rule by axe and sword
Sacrifices are brought forth
As supper for our evil lord!

Senseless massacre tonight
The sky is burning red
Blasphemy in pale moonlight
Upon the raped and dead
The smell of death infests the air
The battle almost at an end
We lift the last in their own hair
And then, behead, to hell descend
The demon master now rides forth
Our victory is done
Eternal night, eternal hell
Eclipsed forever is the sun
Weeping women, burning lands
Riders of damnation
The christians become the slaves
Under satanic domination!!

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