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Pestilential Penis


Let's get ready for some young girls tonight!

[Verse I:]
A crazy rapist is loose on the town
The virus is alive in his seed
He's out for the young girls, he's taking them home
He is obsessed and he spreads HIV

He rapes, infects, he carries HIV
He drugs, and then, the girls will spread their legs
He comes, inside, delivering his load
You should, have listened, to what your mother
Told ya!

[Verse II:]
In the bar he seems so nice
But he's a devil in disguise
Soon you end up in his bed
Drank too much, dizzy in the head

[Repeat Bridge]

Satanic semen, deadly dose
His dick is like a garden hose
Underneath his weight you lay
Here he cums, satanic spray

[Verse III:]
In the night he's stalking you
And suddenly he's grabbing you
Nailed by flesh onto the ground
Paralyzed you make no sound

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus]

A.I.D.S.! Crazy rapist!

[Repeat Verse I]

A.I.D.S.! Crazy rapist!
A.I.D.S., A.I.D.S., A.I.D.S.
A! I! D! S!

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