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Lawnmower Lover


Madman, killer, crazy man
Moving into your nice town
Into your nice neighborhood
Young girls now will be his food

He lures them to his home
For nice games on the lawn

The lawnmower is on!
She screams and starts to run
He laughs, he's right behind!
He's gonna mow her down

She stumbles and falls, and he is there
He drops the mower on her skin so bare
Flesh, legs, hands, grass fly in the air
And last he cuts her hair

Come on, scream for me!
I'm your lawnmower lover
You better run for cover
Your body is so soft
My machine is sharp and hot

A bloody pile on his lawn
He laughs and rolls in the young girl's gore
He cleans the machine, and he wants more
In the playing ground he will get them for sure

He lures them to his home
For nice games on the lawn

The game begins again
She screams, he's not a friend
She tries to climb the fence
He drags her to her painful end

The machine is upside down
It roars with a frightening sound!
Into the steel with her feet first
She squeals in panic and he roars in bloodthirst

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