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Fill Me In

Craig David

Born To Do It

I've got something to say
All right (can you fill me in?) come on
(watcha want watcha want me to do baby?)
Can you fill me in?
(let's talk about it - check it out)

I was checking this girl next door when her parents went out
She'd phone say hey boy come on right around
So I knock at the door you were standing with a bottle of red wine
ready to pour
Dressed in long black satin lace to the floor
So I went in then we sat down start kissing, caressing
Told me 'bout jacuzzi sounded interesting so we jumped right in
All calls diverted to answer phone
Please leave a message after the tone
I mean me and her parent were kinda cool
But they were the fine line between me and you
We were just doing things young people in love do
Parents trying to find out what we were up to saying

Why were you creeping round late last night?
Why could I see two shadows moving in your bedroom light?
Now you're dressed in black when I left you were dressed in white
Can you fill me in?
Calls diverted to answer phone
Red wine bottle half the contents gone
Midnight return jacuzzi turned on
Can you fill me in?
(It's another one, it's another one)

Whenever the cost was clear and she'd ask me to come out
I'd say hey girl come right around
So she knocked at the door I was standing with the keys
in my hand to the 4x4
Jumped in my ride checking that nobody saw
The club we went in got bounce bounce to the rhythm
Saw it was early morning though we'd better be leaving
So I gave you my jacket for you to hold
Told you to wear 'cos you felt cold
I mean me and her didn't mean to break the rules
I weren't trying to play your mum and dad for fools
We were just doing things young people in love do
Parents trying to find out what we were up to saying

Why can't you keep your promises no more?
Saying you'll be home by 12 come strolling in at 4
Out with the girls but leaving with the boy next door
Can you fill me in?
Wearing a jacket who's property?
Said you'd be queuing for a taxi
But you left all your money on the TV
Can you fill me in? (can you fill me in?)

All they seem to do
Is be checking up on you baby
Watching in our every move
Think someday they might approve maybe

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