Wedding Day

Courtney Love

I have left this bed black and bloody
All the snakes they ride inside of me
Do you think you can understand
What it takes just to be a man?
Get out, get out, get out of my bed!

Do you think this begins and ends with sex
I know better than you it is a touch complex
See this world with reptile eyes
And I can bite you as I rise
Get out, get out, get out of my head!

(One): Break my neck on my wedding day
(Two): Here comes the bride, and she's covered in ache
(Three): She can't walk, but she can crawl


And you're oh so delicate
Just remember that I'll never forget
And I know, I see you naked now
Shut up, I said no!

Have you ever seen a cripple dance?
Pay your money, my baby now is your chance
All the things that you'll never hear
My dead mouth to your deaf ear
Get out! Get out! Get out of my bed!

(One): Break my neck on my wedding day
(Two): It is divorce from reality
(Three): Daddy daddy don't you fuck with me
(Four): Now you're naked, now you're burning now
End in brutal covered in shit
If there's a soul I haven't seen it yet
I will rise again and again
Fuck off, I said no!



Compositor: Courtney Love and Micko Larkin

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