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Sunset Marquis

Courtney Love

Follow me back to the Sunset Marquis
Lock ourselves into the room
Gamble it all and lose it on me
Until the sorry end
Until it happend again

And I can tell we are never going to be friends
And I can tell that your lost

Face down in front of the Sunset Marquis
You were the closest to God
We can do all the things noone believes
People like us do they haven't got a clue

And I can tell we are going up in flames
And baby you weren't worth the cost

Lock ourselves in at the Sunset Marquis
Set the room on fire
Play happy neighbors from bad families
Oh baby you could move
You could light up a room
But the lights gone obscene
Oh you looked real to me

And I can tell this is a dark night of my soul
And I'm too old to be this lost
And I'll be thankful if I'm breathing when you leave
Oh baby you weren't worth the cost

Blame it all on me
Tear it down for me
Sun went down on me
At the Sunset Marquis

Rajoutées plus tard

And this supernova was bound to descend
And the lights have gone forever
You sold me out so hard I can't even pretend
At least were going down together

And I can tell that you have come to burn me down
And I am at your feet in ashes
And this will end in tears with all lost and none found
Just a story you have cashed in

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