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I'll do Anything

Courtney Love

America's Sweetheart

Give us your tired
Give us your poor
Yearning to be free
The hungry huddled mass of screaming me! me! me!
Give me danger, give sorrow
Give me heat, give me grind
Give me give gimme empathy
Give it from behind

Throw me up against the wall
Oh baby do that again
No baby I'll do you coz
You you you you do
Give me white boy skinny
Give me big black men
Give me ice cream on my birthday
Gimme that again
Give me love, love, love
Give me need, need, need
Coz I'll do you
Coz you'll do anything

Give me dick
Give me speed
Give me white hot hate
One day my prince will come
But man it's just too late
Give me one match so I can set myself on fire
Let them eat cake until they all starve
Give me one light that pulls down on me so hard
Twist it like a miracle
Blast your heart to shards

Give me some last solutions
Give it to your head
Give it to me
Come on baby
Give me and pray
You're a star
It's your show
I got the power to heal
God or the devil
Just give me a deal
Give me love, love, love
Me, me, me
Coz I need you
Coz you'll do anything

No, I'm too young to be so old
Slam the door when you go
I'll burn the sheets when you go
Just fucking go

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