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How Dirty Girls Get Clean

Courtney Love

I've lost my mind
I've lost control
I've lost the feelings in my arms
I'm a lost soul
Make the most of me
Don't spit me out
This is how dirty girls get clean
Don't leave me now
Listen to her snake
Listen to her moan
Put the shackles on a little tighter
From the comfort of home
Listen to my torment
Listen to my wail
You've given birth to terrible things
Now watch them unveil
And he's looking at me
God he looks so dumb
Why are you staring baby
This is how its done
This is how it numbs
This is how it stretches
Like all of your whiplashes
On all of your bitches
And i wanted you
Like no man before
Said your coming back for me honey
This is how hell forms
This is how a storm begins
This is how troubles born
Listen to her slit
Listen to her wail
You've givn birth to terrible things
Now watch them unveil
And the rain it came down
And the wind it moaned
And she wrapped her legs around him
And she's got no home
Listen to her lust
Hear her disgrace
Listen to the fragile things as they all break

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